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Cleaning Your Laptop Screen with Household Products

Cleaning Your Laptop Screen with Household Products

Laptop screen, even when you have never touched it, tends to collect dust and even food particles. After a while, your screen may look smudged, making pictures and videos appear blurry. There are plenty of cleaning solutions manufactured specifically to clean laptop or computer screen, but you can always use household products such as white vinegar and water to clean the screen right away. Follow these steps to clean your laptop screen properly.
1.      Turn of your laptop

The first thing to do is turn off your monitor; it will be even better if you turn off your laptop. This is probably not necessary, but it is good to minimize the risk of electric shock. Cleaning the screen involves water, so better safe than sorry.

2.      Cleaning Solution

In most cases, water can be used to clean laptop screen. Make sure to use a microfiber cloth instead of paper towel or toilet paper. Microfiber cloth is very smooth that it will not scratch your screen roughly. Dampen the cloth with water; do not soak the cloth because you don’t want any drip of water falling into your laptop keyboard while you are cleaning the screen.

If water does not get the job done because your screen is too dirty, you may want to use a cleaning solution consisting of a mix of distilled water and white vinegar in 1:1 ratio. Do not use ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners since they can ruin LCD screen. If you decide to use a spray bottle to contain the mixture, please remember that you should not spray the solution directly to the screen. Doing so may allow excess of cleaning solution to slip through the bezel or keyboard and there is a risk of electric shock when you turn on the laptop. Instead, spray the solution to the microfiber cloth and wipe your screen in circular motion.

3.      Repeat

It may take several passes to clean smudgy screen, but your screen will not get damaged as long as you keep it gentle. Pressing too hard may damage your screen. To make sure you do every circular motion effectively, re-spray the cloth if necessary.

Do not use glass cleaner

There are many cleaning solutions readily available. If you need to use any of those, please read the ingredients and avoid everything that contains alcohol, bleach, or ammonia. They may work well for glass materials, but they are not intended to clean laptop screen.

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