Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Easy and natural way to clean your microwave with baking soda (no use of cleaning chemicals).

Easy way to clean your microwave.

This method is very fast way to clean you oven without chemicals.

All you need is a dirty microwave oven, baking soda, cup, water and a sponge or a cloth to wipe off all the dirt.

Just make sure you don't add too much water because you don't want to clean up the spills.

I was going to clean the oven with vinegar but i couldn't find any and then i thought wait i don't need to disinfect the oven i want to clean it and get rid of any smells. 

I think that this is a great alternative to vinegar as it is odourless and still deodorised the oven.

I spent less then 10 min and 6 of those minutes involved watching TV while it's microwaving.

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