Monday, 10 August 2015

How to hand wash a car

How to hand wash a car

1. Make sure to park the car out of direct sunlight. This makes the water dry to early and leave spots on the car

2. Put everything in order of which you are going to use when washing the car

3. Get a bucket and fill it with water. Mix in the car wash soap as directed on the bottle.

4. Fill another bucket with plain water

5. Make sure all of the windows in the car are closed

6. Before rubbing anything on the car, hose it off for any excess dirt.

7. Pull the windshield wipers away from the windshield.

8. Soak a large sponge in the mixed solution. Then start washing the car section by section, not to get confused in which section you cleaned first.

9. Don’t wash the whole car at once. Clean one section and hose it off so that the soap does not dry on the car.

10. Clean section by section, but make sure to keep the car wet the whole time before drying it by hand. This will prevent water from drying onto the car.

11. Just do this for the whole car and your car should come out very clean.

If you want to save time call a mobile pressure-washing or steam cleaning company.

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