Tuesday, 25 July 2017

5 Tips for Carpet Stair Cleaning

Stairs are an essential feature in our homes that we use every day. Main floor stairways get used more frequently than the basement steps. Both areas accumulate lots of dirt due to frequent foot traffic from pets and family members. There are simple tips and tricks for effectively cleaning carpeted steps.

Vacuum with the Right Tools
Carpeted stairs need extra care to remove sand, dirt and other debris. Wand extension pieces allow you to vacuum in small corners and near the edges of carpet runners. Brush rolls are great for removing hair and pet fur that is stuck to the carpet.

Starting at the Bottom
We may not realize it but it's easier to clean steps by starting at the bottom. This way is also safer to prevent falling down the stairs. It's also easier to see dirt and sand that needs to be removed.

Good Stairway Lighting
Many stairways don't have an adequate lighting source. Basement stairs, in particular, tend to have bad lighting which is hazardous. Setting a lamp at the top or bottom of the steps can increase visibility. Proper lighting makes it easier to see dirt and spot carpet stains.

Maintaining a Vacuuming Schedule
Your steps should be vacuumed once a week if they are located on the main levels. This removes most dirt that has accumulated during the week. Less frequently used steps such as the basement stairway should be vacuumed once a month.

Annual Carpet Wash
Your carpeted steps should be cleaned annually with a professional steam cleaner. Vivid Cleaning offers premium carpet cleaning in Markham, Vaughan, and the GTA. Get your carpeted steps cleaned when you get your regular carpets cleaned.

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