Friday, 27 January 2017

Cleaning Powder stains out of your rug

Stains caused by liquid spills use one specific treatment, powder or more solids stains require another. All in all solid stains are usually easy to remove if the substance is dry. For example sugar and salt can be removed with a good vacuum cleaner. Wet or greasy powder substances are another thing.

Makeup, pest powders, detergents, dry wall putty, drink crystals and soil are just some of the possible troublesome powders that may get on your rug. If the powder is non-toxic it may be fine to remove the substance with a vacuum. It may remove only some for the mess. Toxic or harmful agents should not be vacuumed because they become airborne or may even fly into the vacuum motor.

After vacuuming (if it’s possible), the stain should be allowed to dry. This treatment is especially useful for when your pet has put muddy paws on your rug. For greasy agents such as makeup blot out what you can with a paper towel. The rug should then be sent out to be cleaned by rug cleaning experts. Be sure to indicate what the stain is and on which area of the rug.

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