Wednesday, 22 July 2015

How to clean a BBQ - After each use

How to clean a BBQ after each use 

If you feel as though your BBQ will not be clean after using the heat from it to clean it after use you can use some vegetable oil. Just spray some oil onto the BBQ and use a wire brush to scrape it.

If there is a button on your BBQ that has a clean setting you can use that to clean your BBQ. This setting doesn't really clean the actual BBQ is actually just burns all the extra fat and food that fell to the bottom of it.

Make sure to disconnect or turning off the gas before cleaning the inside of the BBQ.

When the cooking grates are cool enough to handle, lift them up and put them on the side. Use a wire brush to remove all of the food particles and grease from them.

Clean the barriers above the burners. This may have some pieces of food and extra fat that is splashed off. Use a wire brush and a cloth to clean it.

Wipe everything down with a clean rag so that nothing is left. The BBQ will look clean every time.

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