Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Some tips to prepare your house for sale.

Some tips to prepare your house for sale.

1. Make sure to clean everything in your house from top to bottom. Don't let any smell be in your house. Make sure to dust on top of the fireplace and any other hard to reach areas. On the day of the showing make sure to not cook anything with any specific smells so that people don't leave. Some buyers do not like walking into a home with any specific smells.

2. When you have your showing make sure to clean out all of the clutter so you maximize as much space as possible. People like to see how big the actual house is and they wont be able too with your stuff all around the house.

3. If the paint is crusty or anything is on the paint, repaint the house so it looks more fresh when it comes inside.

4. When selling your house make sure to keep the decor simple and nothing biased. Just keep it too the point. Get rid of any over the top decor that some buyers may not like.

5. Get rid of any bulky furniture so that the rooms look more spacious. Open up all the windows and shades so that natural air and light can come into the house.

6. In general, just make your house look more spacious and presentable. Clean up all the dust,get professional carpet cleaning services,  get rid of the spider webs and just make it look presentable. Treat all your guest to a little snack because something small goes a long way.

7. If you want to go a step further you can boost your curb appeal. Cut the grass and plant some flowers in the front. Have some flower pots outside too to make it look even nicer and cleaner.

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