Saturday, 30 January 2016

How to install a carpet DIY

When installing a new and clean carpet there are certain steps that you need to follow to make sure that it is properly installed and will not have any problems in the near future.
First, make sure that the floor that you are installing the carpet on is cleaned at and smooth. If there are any bumps on the ground, try to get rid of them as best as you can. Sweep up the whole floor so that it has absolutely no dust. Next, remove the doors so that you won't have to work around them. Proceed to install the tackless strip. Make sure that your are using the correct size so that the carpet is able to fit. After you are finished with that, install the carpet pad. Lay it out perpendicular to the direction that you want to install the carpet in. staple it with a staple hammer near the tackless strips. Trim the pad so that it lines up with the tackless strips and the tacks are exposed.
One of the most important parts is to trim the actual carpet to the size. Measure it 3 times before you cut the carpet, to make sure that it the measurements are correct. Lay down the carpet and trim the carpet so that it lines up with the walls. Leave 3 inches next to the wall,
Proceed to glue the seams together with a seaming iron and make sure that all of the lines are straight as possible. Cut around all of the obstacles using a carpet knife. Attach the carpet to the tackless strips around the room using a knee kicker. Slam the carpet down near the tacks, to force them into the carpet. After doing that trim the carpet once again, stretch it out as far as possible and you should be finished.

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