Thursday, 21 September 2017

Furniture and Carpet Damage

Furniture can cause unwanted damages to carpets. It can cause damages from a number of different sources but thankfully most carpet damage can be prevented. Asides from regular weekly vacuuming there are a few simple ways to protect your carpet from furniture.

Primarily furniture cause damages from its weight and from it shifting during use. Having the correct the underpad will absorb mechanical pressure from gravity and friction. The underpad helps keep the carpet and furniture in place.

The carpet pile needs to breathe and take a break from furniture pressing into it. By rotating the arrangement of the furniture you allow sections of the carpet to breathe. This prevents these sections of carpet from permanently flattening and breaking.

Annual carpet steam cleaning also prevents carpet damages. This cleaning process renews the carpet material and conditions it. This makes the material resilient to mechanical damages and stops it from becoming brittle.

Place padding underneath furniture legs can also prevent the furniture from cause friction damage to the carpet. Padding can be bought at most department stores and is easily applied to furniture. The attachments are plastic or made from fabric material.

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