Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Condo Carpet Cleaning – How Clean is Your Carpet?

With the Toronto condo market in full swing, many Torontonians are enjoying the benefits of a new condo unit. However, even if the condo is new and has new carpet, it can still be dirty. Dirty carpets contain all sorts of dirt and debris that can cause allergies. Here are reasons why you should get professional carpet cleaning for condo carpets.

New Material
Even if the carpet material is new it should still get steam cleaning. The carpet comes in contain with all sorts of particles in store and during installation. Many new carpet materials have chemical odours that can only be removed with proper cleaning.

Construction Debris
Even after construction the condo carpets have most likely only been vacuumed and not washed. Complete carpet washing for the entire condo isn’t cost effective and is likely skipped. This is why you should schedule your own condo carpet cleaning.

Dirt In General
After initial construction, condo units still have frequent foot traffic from all sorts of personnel. People come to view the unit and small finishing touches are done by workers. The condo carpets receive a lot of foot traffic and accumulate dirt. This can only be removed with expert carpet cleaning services.

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