Saturday, 4 April 2015

How to Find the Right Vacuum | Vacuum buying guide

There are many different vacuums that you can choose from. Many different companies, brands, colours and variety. Buying the right vacuum may sometimes may be difficult because you may like one but it is not the proper fit for what you need to use.

To start off, try to match the carpet with what you need to clean and your cleaning habits. The upright vacuums with a bag are usually the best overall for carpets. They are easy to manoeuvre and they are simple to clean. Make sure to also check the specific features to make sure it is strong enough for whatever you are vacuuming. Check the weight and see if you are able to lift it if needed. Try to turn it around tight corners, and look for a power switch that you don’t have to bend over to turn on.

Look for a brush on/off switch if you have bare floors, and suction control if you will be vacuuming drapes. If you choose a bagged vacuum check out the prices of the bags before buying it to make sure that they are affordable.

In addition, buy a vacuum that works best with your lifestyle and matches your home. People that live in apartments, the size of the unit matters a lot. If you have a lot of carpets, the bagged uprights are recommended because they tend to have the best suction and airflow.  If you don’t really want to move around an upright vacuum, consider buying a canister vacuum which is small and easier to clean stairs with or without carpets with. Look for an electric brush to give it a good clean and an easy accessible on/off switch. If you want to clean a little spill you need to buy a wet vacuum, that can suck in water and wont damage the vacuum. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this advice on choosing a good vacuum! I would love to get a new vacuum for my hardwood floors, so I'll make sure to get one that is suited for that. Is there a vacuum that can clean both soft and hard floors? It would be nice to not need two vacuums.

    1. I find that canister vacuums with good electric brush head and a couple attachments can handle everything. Just keep in mind that if you want to vacuum carpets or rugs properly that electric brush is a must. Air powered brush heads simply don't have the power to clean carpets.