Sunday, 5 April 2015

Pet Odour Removal | dog and cat accidents happen

Pet Odour Removal

When having pets in your home, specifically dogs and cats, accidents happen and the smell is inevitable. Dogs and cats may soil the carpets, or simply having a pet in the home, may cause an uneasy smell. There are different way of dealing with these problems and they are fairly simple.

If you have a cat make sure to clean out the litter box a few times a week. The litter box may start smelling after a few days and the smell isn’t pleasant. If you notice a stain on the carpet try not to use any of the retail products that promise to take away the pet odour. These products don’t take away the smell, they rather mask the odour and it often returns.

Calling a carpet cleaning professional will fully take away the stain and odour. They have the specific tool and equipment needed to clean the stain and remove the odour for good. Make sure that if this ever does happen to you, take care of the problem right away. Do not leave it or attempt to clean it yourself because a lot of odours will never be removed if not done properly. 

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