Thursday, 17 September 2015

Dry carpet cleaning vs. Steam cleaning.

There are two different methods of carpet cleaning that many people are aware about and should get done throughout the year. The first method is dry carpet cleaning. Dry foam shampoo is when you take a low moisture shampoo foam which is whipped around by a reel brush and scrubbed into the carpet. A dry vacuum then removes the shampoo residue and makes sure it does not spoil.

Steam cleaning is a whole different process which is more efficient and works better. This is performed using a truck mounted machine that can heat up the water to boiling temperatures. There is a hose that is attached to the truck mounted machine which is used in the home. Solutions is mixed with boiling water and your carpet is steam cleaned. This takes out all the dirt and grime from your carpet and it ends up looking as if it was bought the day before. It takes a couple hours for the carpet to dry so make sure not to walk on it after the job is finished. 

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