Tuesday, 22 September 2015

What carpet is best if you have allergies.

Carpets have been the most popular floor covering for many years. People have been using carpets to cover up old flooring, tiles, or just like the feel of a carpet in the home. Carpets feel amazing during cold winter days and feel better than cold tiles any day. One of the problems with carpets is that they contain different materials that some people may be allergic too. So now you ask the question of what  carpet is best for your home? Well let's put it this way. Carpets are not the only cause of allergies in a home. Many people may believe so but it is not true. There are other things that affect allergies in homes such as dogs, people, clothes, smells and natural air movement from the outdoors. These allergens get stuck in the carpet fibers which then goes into the air of your home. There are a couple ways to avoid these problems. Firstly make sure to vacuum your carpet a few times a week. This helps protect it from certain allergens and keeps it clean at the same time. Other than that you can also get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. This will remove all the allergens and give your home a fresh scent. 

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