Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Cleaning up pet urine

Many pet owners have to deal with urine stains all the time. Sometime their pets can hold it and just go inside the home or any other reasons. Regardless, no one wants to deal with the smell of pet urine because let's face it, it's disgusting. Once your pet has urinated onto the carpet, it starts to attract bacteria which is what causes the odor. If you don't clean it up correctly your pet will return to the same spot and urinate again since they can smell it. This problem is something you can't take lightly, because the urine can soak through the carpet, and down into the underpad. Make sure to clean up the stain immediately. If you noticed it after it has dried out, use water and vinegar to make the spot wet again. Soak up as much liquid as you can using a clean dry towel and applying downwards pressure. If there is still a bit that you cannot get out, stand on the towel until no more moisture appears on the towel. It is important to clean all of the bacteria that comes with the stain using a carpet cleaning product that cleans that up. It is usually an antibacterial solution that kills the bacteria and neutralizes the odor. And remember: Always test on an inconspicuous area first to make sure solution won't damage your particular carpet.

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