Monday, 2 November 2015

Helpful tips to prevent frozen pipes and water damage

One of the worst things to happen over the winter is having frozen pipe damage. This damage can be very costly and can make winter more miserable than it already is. Here are a few ways to keep your pipes from freezing over the winter. Firstly, you can leave the water trickling so that there is always constant water flowing through your pipes. Make sure it is just a trickle because if you leave a stream it can raise your utility bills. You can also open the doors under the sink to let warm air in, so that it also helps keep the pipes unfrozen. If you have any water connections outside, make sure to close off the water so that there is no extra water in the pipes while it isn't being used in the winter. If your pipes have been frozen do not attempt to thaw them yourself. Do not use any electrical appliances or heaters to try and thaw them because that may cause even more damage rather than helping the situation. Call your local plumber and have him assess the situation. If you end up with frozen pipes in your home, don't panic and just call the local plumber to solve this issue. Make sure to leave it alone and not attempt to fix it yourself unless you know exactly how to and are trained. 

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