Saturday, 12 August 2017

How Clean is your Child's Daycare?

When we send our kids off to daycare it's important that they're environment is clean. You can do a quick inspection by looking at a few daycare items. Otherwise, it's easy to ask the staff members about cleaning they do. A dirty daycare can spread colds and viruses quickly.
The Bathroom
The bathroom is a good indicator of how much cleaning gets done. Inspect the sinks and around the toilets. Also, check ledges for dust if possible. If there is a lot then it's likely the location doesn't get deep cleaning that often.
At first glance, the carpet should look clean. When there are dark stains and discolored sections it may indicate that the carpets haven't been cleaning in awhile. Also, ask when the carpets were cleaned last. Carpets should be cleaned once a year to remove dirt, food particles and allergens.
When you enter a daycare it should look tidy at first glance. It should be relatively kept with no excessive dirt or sand on the floor. Also, check for spider webs and cobwebs. Spiders locate to areas where their food source is which are bugs. Dirty areas usually attract these creatures.

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