Sunday, 13 August 2017

Why Movie Theaters have Carpets

At first glance it seems impractical to have carpets installed at the movie theater. Sure it dampens noises but the movie theater accumulates a lot of dirt. Food, drink spills and dirt from heavy foot traffic are common sources of stains and dirt that accumulates. Food stands in the main lobby even have carpets for a number of reasons.

Primarily carpets have rugs to prevent slips and falls. Many restaurants incorporate carpet in their dining setting for the same reasons. On solid flooring it's easier to slip on spills and the mess needs to be cleaned right away. Drink spills on carpets as less hazardous and don't need to be cleaned right away.

Cutting cleaning costs starts with carpeted areas. Many commercial settings don't regularly clean carpets in their setting. Once the carpet reaches a critical point they usually choose to take out the old carpet and replace it with new material.

Stains don't readily show on carpets. Dark designs and colours prevent any stains from being prominent and visible. On regular hard floors its harder to disguise stains and they become unsightly almost right away.

Carpets provide insulating qualities and can reduce heating and air conditioning costs. Movie theaters have large rooms that need proper air temperatures. Carpets help keep the building warm or cool depending on the season.

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