Monday, 22 January 2018

Can Your Pet Stop Being Afraid of The Vacuum Cleaner?

The technical term for the fear of vacuum cleaners is Zuigerphobia. Most of us know that our pets can be completely scared of the vacuum cleaner. Young pets are new to the loud noises they produce. However, the fear usually persists even in aged pets. There are ways you can keep your pet from being scared and to become accustom to your vacuuming routine.

Lower The Volume
On more modern vacuum cleaners you can adjust the power setting. This means you can lower the volume a bit on the machine so that it isn't overwhelming. Vacuum on low settings at first and see how your pet perceives it. Overtime slowly increase the setting. Your pet should adjust to the noise level as well.

Room Isolation
If your pet still hates the vacuum you may have to place your pet in a different room while you vacuum. The further away from the noise the better. If you can have someone hold your pet while vacuuming is going on its even better.

Weight Vests
This may be a last resort but a weight vest can do wonders. These are much like harness leashes but they are a bit heavier. This provides warmth and comfort to soothe your pet. They are frequently used for air travel, boat travel and even car travel.

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