Monday, 22 January 2018

The Dangers of Dirty Retail Store Carpets

High-end stores and dirty carpet just don't mix. However, even in expensive stores this horrible feature can go unaddressed. There are many dangers of a retail store having dirty carpets. We also expect nothing the best from expensive stores whether they are for jewelry, furniture, clothes or household items. Here are some side effects of dirty carpets in a retail store.

Bacteria comes with frequent foot traffic on a carpet. It proliferates best with the presence of food and wet conditions. As the bacteria are allowed to grow it creates unpleasant smells that can only be removed and sanitized with professional carpet cleaning.

Many stores don't allow food or drink for a good reason. Food can be spilled on merchandise and it can get spilled on the carpet. If unaddressed the food spill can attract mould. The mould is hard to get rid of and is hazardous. Often the whole carpet has to be removed to get rid of the mould.

Dirt and Dust
Even with regular vacuuming, a retail carpet can accumulate a large amount of dirt. Retail carpets get ample amounts of dirt and dust because of frequent foot traffic they receive from hundreds of customers every day. This amounts to large amounts of dirt and dust accumulating in the carpets. Only professional carpet cleaning can get this out.

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