Thursday, 12 May 2016

Carpet warranty.

When buying any type of product, a warranty is essential most of the time. It gives the customer a sense of assurance that they won’t buy a faulty product. If they do they can always exchange it for one that is working or looks better. If a warranty is for any reason voided, the customers will not receive any compensation for a faulty product. Most carpet manufacturers highly recommend regular carpet cleaning services performed using Hot Water Extraction (also called "steam cleaning") 
When buying a carpet padding, there are specific details that a manufacturer lays out in order to receive proper usage of the warranty. This includes the density, and thickness of a carpet. When receiving anything for free that comes with package, make sure that the retailer or the seller gives you the right material that is stated under your warranty.

Warranties will always state the proper use of a carpet. If the carpet is misused in any way, the warranty will be voided upon returning it to the retailer. This includes the traffic on the carpet, pet rules or any type of natural light that the carpet receives during its lifetime. Make sure to always read the warranty label, before deciding where to place the carpet in your home.
When returning the carpet, make sure to always return the original receipt. If you don’t have a receipt the odds will be against you. Most likely, the retailer will tell you that there is nothing that they can do and usually not take your carpet for warranty.

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