Monday, 2 May 2016

Installing a carpet.

There are 3 main stage that you have to follow when installing a carpet. The first stage is preparation. Here are the steps you have to follow when installing:
1.      Determine the area of the room: make sure to measure the longest walls in your room. To get the exact measurements, multiply the length and width of the room, and divide that number by 9 to determine the square yardage. Make sure to add 10 percent for pattern matching, and room for errors.
2.      Clean the subfloor: make sure the surface that the carpet is getting installed is smooth and clean. Scrape off any excess paint and compound, and sweep the floor to get rid of all the dust.
3.      Remove all of the doors in the room. Without the doors, it will be easier to work and have leeway for the carpets.
4.      Install tackles wooden strips: Make sure to cut the strips using a strip cutter. Nail the strips ½ an inch from the wall. These come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so make sure that you are using the right ones.

When installing a carpet, there are many factors that the job includes. Some of the harder issues that it may include are: the size of the room, limited space in the workplace, and an odd shaped flooring. All these occurrences may prove to be a difficult task for the installer. Below, there are some helpful tips and tricks that will make the process of installing  easier.
When first installing, consider using a carpet pad, which doesn’t require any glue or tape to hold it down. When putting down the carpet, perfect to lay down with a  pad already in place.  
Before laying down the carpet, install a wooden tack strip which should be nailed to the floor. This strip runs around the whole perimeter of the room and it used to secure the carpet.
After laying down the tack strip, the  pad is installed inside the area of the tack strips. You can also use a piece of tape to cover up the gaps.
Next, the carpeting is laid down in its original position. You will then use a kicker/stretcher to stretch it and secure it to the wooden tacks.
If you follow this process, laying out a carpet should be painless and fairly easy.

The last stage of the installation is the finish stage after which you can schedule carpet cleaning services if the workers left some dirt behind. By following these specific steps, your flooring should look amazing after everything is finished being installed.
1.      After laying down the extra pieces of material to cover the holes, glue the seams together. Make sure to glue them where the edges join. They must be straight in order to glue them properly. After the heating iron is heated, run it along the edges of the 2 pieces of carpet. After the glue is placed, hold the two pieces together until they are stuck together.
2.      Trim around the obstacles. After it is placed, hold it out against the wall and trim the edges for it to fit perfectly against the wall. Use a carpeting knife to trim around the obstacles.
3.      Attach the first edge of the carpet to the tackless strips at one end of the room using a knee kicker. Pat down the edges to the tacks using this kicker.
4.      Stretch the wall to wall carpet using a power stretcher. This will make the material attach on the other side of the room onto the tacks.
5.      Finish trimming, where the vent openings are. Measure the area where your vents are and cut out the piece using the carpeting cutter. Place the cover over the vents and you should be finished.

Congratulations, you have just finished installing your new look. don't forget to have it professionally steam cleaned once a year, depending on use. 

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