Sunday, 8 May 2016

Tips for vacuuming a carpet.

Every vacuum has its advantages, but they also have their own flaws. There are certain types of vacuums that are meant for different types of carpets. when vacuuming a carpet, it is recommended that you use a powerful electric brush to agitate the dirt in the carpet.  Below are some tips for maximizing the effectiveness of the vacuum that you purchase.
Before vacuuming the carpet, go around and pick up all of the loose pieces that are on the carpet. The less dirt the vacuum cleaner has to pick up the better.  Minimize the amount of loose pieces on the carpet.
Scheduled carpet cleaning services is also essential. Try to vacuum your carpet at least once every 2 weeks. High traffic areas require more attention and you will see the difference when having a schedule vacuuming day for your carpets.
Many people think that their vacuums aren’t working properly because it is not picking up the dirt and grime properly. What a lot people miss, is that the attachments are there for specific reason. Different attachments are meant for different types of particles and dirt. If you use the right attachment this should change your opinion of the vacuum. A crevice tool is used for tight spots under large appliances and a small brush is used for furniture and mattresses. A round brush is used for steps and windowsills, and there are 3 different attachments for regular carpets. One important thing to remember is that you have to vacuum the carpet more than once. Vacuuming it one time will not make much of a difference. You have to go through it at least 2-3 times to see the difference.
Make sure to keep your vacuum properly maintained. The electric brush needs to be cleaned out once every few vacuums to maximize the efficiency of the brush. Change the bag every month, and avoid small objects such as pennies, paper clips and paper. This will clog the hoses and damage the fans of the vacuum.

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