Monday, 24 July 2017

Eco-friendly solutions for Dresses when you have Bed Bugs

When you find out you have bed bugs and you're trying to get rid of them, you have to be thorough. This includes washing all your clothes, bedding and towels. However, many items need dry cleaning and we have large closets and may not be able to dry clean everything. Luckily there is a simple inexpensive way to treat your clothes without damaging them.

First, round up your clothes in an air tight container or in tightly closed garbage bags. The point is to keep any bugs that may be present in one location. You can now store the clothes while you get the next part set up. This involves a freezer.

Bed bugs die when they are exposed to extreme temperatures. Set an empty freezer to 0 F or -15 C. If you set the temperature colder you should do so. Place a few bags in the freezer and leave them for a minimum of 4 days. Set reminders for this so you don't forget to put the next few bags in.

Once the required time is up, remove the bags and allow the items to thaw. Put away the clothes and steam and iron the items that need it. This process can be applied for shoes and some smaller items. It will help you save on dry cleaning and is eco-friendly without the use of harsh chemicals.

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