Sunday, 23 July 2017

Carpet Deodorizing Made Easy

Overtime your carpet can acquire bad smells and odors especially if you have pets. The smells can be from pet dander, sweat or from bacteria in general. The good news is that carpet Deodorizing is quick and inexpensive. You can enlist a professional carpet cleaner or do the job yourself.

First, you need to get carpet deodorizer and it depends on your preferences. You can use just baking soda powder or pick up a specially formulated deodorizer found nearly everywhere. It’s important to note that baking soda is the main deodorizer found in most stores. These come in a variety of scents.

Start by sprinkling the powder all over the carpet. Rub the powder on the carpet with a carpet brush. Allow the deodorizer to sit for 30 minutes. You can leave it longer if desired. If you are just using baking soda, you can use a bit of lavender oil as a natural scent and mild disinfectant.

Once the time is up, use a vacuum to remove the deodorizing powder. Be careful to go slowly over the carpet several times for each section. Your carpet is immediately ready to use after deodorizing treatment.

This is a carpet maintenance method and shouldn’t substitute for annual carpet cleaning. Vivid Cleaning offers professional carpet cleaning for your home and office. We use only professional cleaning equipment to get excellent results. Our services are available in Mississauga, Toronto, Vaughan, and the GTA. Make your life easier today when you book an appointment.

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