Sunday, 23 July 2017

Clean your Office Desk In Under 10 Minutes

We use our desks at the office on a daily basis. We also tend to do more than just work at the desk. We frequently drink coffee and tea and consume snacks here. If we have to work through lunch we will end up eating a will working as well. In addition, many employees don’t wash their hands when they arrive at work. As a result out desks acquire loads of dirt and bacteria.

You can clean your desk in under ten minutes and you can’t miss important areas. You will need Disinfectant wipes, cyber clean compound, a paper tray and paper towel. It’s also good to have a trash can and recycling bin handy.

Start by removing all the desk items. Clean the desk surface with disinfectant wipes. Be sure to remove visible dust and crumbs. Sweep the crumbs onto the floor or into a trash bin. Also, clean the desk drawer handles with the disinfectant wipes. Wait for the surface to dry before moving onto the next cleaning steps.

While the desk area is drying you can clean your desk chair. Use the disinfectant wipes to wipe the arms, seat, and backrest. If your chair is leather, use the cyber clean compound to get the crumbs out of the crevices. Most of the time you won’t have access to a vacuum cleaner or dust buster at work. Also, vacuums are noisy and disrupt others. Cyber clean compound helps you clean in this situation.

Place all your spare papers into the paper tray so they can be sorted. Remove, any wrappers or related items that you don’t need, from the desk space. Turn off the mouse and wipe it with wipes. Dust the monitor and clean it with the wipes as well.

Place a paper towel on the desk large enough to fit the keyboard on top of. Turn off the keyboard and place it face down on the paper towel. Tap it to get out the crumbs. For difficult sections use the cyber clean compound to get crumbs out of the keyboard.

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