Monday, 16 October 2017

Cleaning Your Desk At Work

In an office setting, we spend most of our time doing work at our desks. As a result, space will inevitably become dirty. During peak time everything piles up at our desk. Dust and dirt can come from a variety of sources and make our desk area look horrible. There are simple and effective ways to clean your desk area.

Computer Monitor
Our computer monitors are the most looked at items on our desk. These are often the dirtiest items as well. Over time they accumulate a thin layer of dust. They can also get particles of food stuck to them. To clean them simply use disinfectant wipes. To avoid water droplets white the surface with a paper towel afterward.

Keyboards and Mice
We touch our these items every day and often our hands aren't clean. Unplug or turn off the mouse and keyboard and wipe them with disinfectant wipes. This should be enough to clean them effectively.

Often we will have piles of papers on our desk. Having an in and out tray as well as a recycling bin under your desk can free up much-needed desk space.

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