Sunday, 22 October 2017

What's Hiding Under Your Bed?

There can be more than just monsters hiding under your bed. This place often gets overlooked when it comes to cleaning because it is often hard to access. A different array of materials can get stuck under here including, dust, dirt, fibers, hair and other particles.

 If this area isn't clean it can cause allergy irritations and can house pests. Thankfully you only have to clean under your bed every six months. There are also general cleaning techniques you can use to get rid of the dirt.

The easiest way to do a light cleaning is to use a vacuum with an extension piece. This lets you reach far under and get to the dirt.

If you don't have a vacuum handy try to sweep under the bed with a broom. This allows you to get some of the dirt out but is less effective than using a vacuum cleaner.

A basic way to get rid of dirt under the bed is to use a floor cloth or mop. To lightly disinfect and keep dust levels down you should use a bucket of cleaning water and a floor cloth or mop. The wet cloth will capture dust and fibers.

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