Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Ragweed Allergy Management

With the fall season upon us, it means a new allergy season involving ragweed. This plant's pollen peaks around mid-September and can be around until the end of October. This produces the usual allergy symptoms such as sneezing, congestion,  itchy throat and more. Here are ways to manage your allergy symptoms.

When you come home after being outside or traveling from work take a shower. This will remove the pollen spores from your person and prevent you from transferring them to other places in your home. Place your clothes in the laundry before showering if possible.

If you can place your clothes in the laundry before showering. Also, make sure to keep your clothes in a secluded place such as the laundry room. If you don't have room to keep them place them in a closed bag so the spores don't travel and irritate you. Never wear your outdoor clothes and sit on your bed and furniture either.

Some people may choose to wear a face mask to reduce hay fever symptoms. There are also allergy treatments available. These can come in the form of shots or be administered in a pill format. It helps desensitize the immune system and will greatly reduce allergy symptoms.

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