Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Dual function furniture

With apartment spaces getting smaller and smaller it's convenient to have multi-function furniture. There are different types of dual function furniture and different manufacturing companies. You could even make your own furniture if you're adventurous enough. He's a brief overview of multipurpose furniture items.

The most common dual function furniture is a bed that changes into a couch. Usually, the cushioning part is a futon. Depending on your preferences you can sleep on the couch setting or with the futon lying flat.

A bike shelf is another popular item of furniture. If you have to store your indoors it may take up a lot of space. You can create a sturdy wood shelf that functions to hold bikes and generally hold items. It frees up space and can look artistic as well.

Many of us grew up with interesting couch furniture where you could pull and set up a bed. The set up isn't as ideal now since couch gets a lot of dust and dirt falling into their material. That's the reason its reserved for guests.

A new spin on the couch pull out bed is a sofa that can be transformed into a bunk bed. This setup saves space and is convenient when you have multiple guests.

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