Monday, 6 November 2017

Interior Carpet Design

When it comes to getting new carpet there are a nice variety of styles and designs available. Aside from carpet material carpet design is the next important design component for your home or office. There are simple and complex designs that go well with different interior design environments.

For home spaces that have lots of furniture in one color, you may want to contrast the environment with carpet that has complex patterns. This helps bring the room furnishings together. In an office environment, a complex pattern carpet will keep the environment from becoming drab.

Solid mono or two colored carpets are great in environments with furniture pieces that are different from each other. It helps keep the interior organized and contrasts against a chaotic display of items. Carpets with less color are more conservative and give off a professional quality for the environment.

If you don't want to go too playful or too conservative you can choose a mix of complex and conservative carpet styles. These carpets usually have borders along the edges and a complex pattern in the middle. Often there is a repeating square pattern that occurs to keep things organized.

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