Tuesday, 14 November 2017

How to Stop Your Cat From Scratching The Furniture

Sometimes good cats do bad things to furniture. There can be several reasons why they do this. Mainly it's instinctual as your cat is marking its territory in your home environment. They also could just enjoy scratching and sharpening their nails. There are different ways to keep your cat from ruining your furniture.

Scratching Post
Often it helps to get your cat a proper scratching post. Many of these scratching posts contain items in the middle such as catnip. This encourages cats to scratch this item versus your furniture.

Furniture with a new smell to it or dirty furniture can be irritating your cat. Their sense of smell is more sensitive and they may come to dislike your furniture because of its scent. Getting your furniture professionally clean will benefit both you and your pet. Cats also like to scratch items that are scented with their own scent. Cleaning will remove their scent from the furniture.

Aluminum Foil or Double-Sided Tape
Placing aluminum foil or tape on a scratched surface may prevent your cat from scratching it. It provides a texture that isn't fun to scratch and they may want to choose the scratching post. You may also want to trim their claws as well.

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