Sunday, 8 April 2018

Bridging the Divide - How to Finish Carpet Edges

When carpet installation happens there can be a floor section that meets tiles or wood flooring. If the edges of the carpet aren't finished properly it can lead to all sorts of problems. It can also cause a preventable accident. Here are ways that carpet edges can be dealt with.

The section where the carpet meets hard flooring can be sealed using a metallic strip. This can be placed using special nails or glue. The metal can inconvenient in a home environment because it's cold on bare feet.

Plastic strips aren't always recommended since they aren't as durable. However, they are cost-effective for a location that is only temporary. They also do well in a room that isn't frequently used. Plastic strips can be glued into place or fastened with screws.

Adhesive strips usually go under the carpet and bind to the hard floor beneath. However, this is inconvenient if you have additional layers such as underpad beneath the carpet. The strips provide a glue to hold the carpet in place. However, the carpet can still lift up because of frequent foot traffic.

Velcro strips can also be placed underneath the carpet to keep the edges in place. However, the velcro pieces need to line up properly and the glue can come undone.

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