Monday, 9 April 2018

Common Office Carpets Stains and How To Treat Them

Offices receive a lot of traffic from employees, guests and visitors on a daily basis. This means layers of dirt get deposited in the office carpet every day. On average the office carpet only gets vacuumed once a week. The carpet may not even receive the annual carpet cleaning with steam cleaning. There are also common stains that happen to office carpet. It's important to know how to manage these common stains.

Coffee - Cream & Sugar
Coffee with cream and sugar poses a variety of problem. The cream portion contains fat which can be hard to remove. The sugar can also make the carpet sticky. First try to remove as much liquid with clean paper towels. Next use a mild solution of soap and water and rub the stain gently. Allow the stain to dry and avoid over soaking the carpet fiber. Try to get the stain immediately to avoid stain permanence.

Coffee -Black
Black Coffee can stain the carpet permanently. It's dye properties immediately soak in the carpet material. Thankfully this blend is liquid based and can be easily removed if you act right away. Remove as much liquid as you can with paper towels. Next use lemon water or citric acid to remove visible coffee stains.

Salt From Winter Weather
Salt is difficult to remove and can outline water stains in the winter months. This can only be removed with professional carpet cleaning. In the meantime you can manage salt stains by placing a proper rubber backed entrance mat at the entrances and exits.

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