Tuesday, 10 April 2018

New Apartment? Get Your Carpets Clean

Moving takes a lot of time and energy. To get properly settled in to a new condo or apartment its essential that you get the carpets clean. There can be a variety of dirt, dust and debris in the carpet material. This can only be removed with deep cleaning provided by a professional carpet cleaning company. Here are common particles that get trapped in dirty carpet.

Mould, dust, and pollen are common allergens that get stuck in the carpet. It the carpet is left unclean these particles can cause allergy irritations and breathing difficulties.

Construction Debris
This is more common in new condo and apartment locations. Construction workers will walk all over the carpet during different construction proceedings. This will track in all sorts of construction debris such as saw dust, dry wall powder, insulation material and more. Even if the carpet has been vacuumed much of these particles still remain without proper carpet washing.

Toxic Carpet Chemicals
These generally come from carpet manufacturers. The chemicals preserve the carpet for storage or just come as a byproduct during carpet manufacturing. These can only be removed with professional carpet cleaning.

Food Residue
In general, a previous tenant could have eaten food and beverages on the carpet. This leaves food residue in the carpet which can attract pests and mould.

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