Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Common mistakes usually made while cleaning.

People have been cleaning for as long as we could remember, but does that mean that they have been doing it right all this time. Just because the stain has disappeared does not mean that it has fully been removed.  A common mistake that is always being made is people tend to scrub the stain. Do not scrub any types of stains because that causes damage to your carpets and can harm it long term. Make sure to always blot the stain to clean it. When you scrub anything on the carpet, the carpet fibers start to untangle and overtime make a hole in your carpet. After blotting the stain for a good 2 minutes let it sit for a bit. Blot it again and then leave it for about 10 minutes. After that, spray some stain remover onto the carpet and wait for it to soak in and start working. Use a paper towel and blot the stain after about 20 minutes, and that should remove it completely. If it is still there, call your local Toronto carpet cleaning company to come in and take care of the problem. 

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