Thursday, 1 October 2015

Tile and grout cleaning tips

Here are a few tile and grout cleaning tips to have your tiles looking cleaner than before. When cleaning your tiles many people are unaware that regular brushes will not clean the grout lines. Make sure to use a grout brush to clean the grout in between the tiles. Even after a regular tile clean the grout will still be dirty and will not look good. The grout brush will provide a deeper clean into the grout and will look nice. Secondly always make sure to sweep first before cleaning your tiles. Never mop the tiles without sweeping first because all the dirt and dust will end up in you grout lines. Do yourself a favor and start your tile cleaning with a good sweep first. After cleaning the tiles make sure to soak up all of the excess water. If you don't do this the excess water can go into your grout lines and make them look dirty again. It does not have to be totally dry, but dry enough so that there is no excess water on the floor. These can be easily done by using a dry towel and soaking up the water. 

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