Monday, 5 October 2015

How should you clean your carpets as a business.

When having a business, the last thing you want are your employees complaining about the working conditions. In order to improve work efficiency and productivity, employees like to be working in a nice, healthy environment. When you have many employees walking on the carpets, this causes the color of the carpets to fade, the style to change and the quality of your carpet go down. This will make the office look dirty which will demote work efficiency and have the employees starting to complain. Not only that, but it  can also be a health hazard as it becomes filled with germs, bacteria and other unpleasant surprises. You also would not want potential customers walking into a dirty office, because that would just make them have a bad first impression. We believe that as an office owner, you should be get  carpet cleaning at least twice a year if not more depending on how many employees you may have. Clean carpets just change the whole look of the office. This would give employees a reason to come to work and not complain and just sit at home calling in sick. Believe it or not many employees hate working in poor conditions. If you would like a free estimate just give vivid cleaning a call and we will come down and give you a free estimate on site with no obligation. 

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