Tuesday, 27 October 2015

How to maintain the look of your leather furniture over time.

Firstly, exposing your leather furniture to direct sunlight is not the greatest idea. Sunlight can fade your leather and change the color of it so something completely different and will look extremely ugly. Sunlight can also crack and dry out your leather furniture too. Simply speaking, to avoid all of this unnecessary damage, make sure to not put leather in direct sunlight. Secondly, make sure to treat stains the moment they happen. Many people think that when spilling something on leather, it can be left there to clean up after. Even leather soaks up spills and can eventually leave your leather couch with ugly spots on it. A lot of stains contain oil and that is not good for any kind of material. When spilling anything on leather just make sure to clean it up the moment it happens so that you can avoid any further damage in the future. Be gentle when cleaning furniture or wiping down leather, because it can damage very easily. If you scrub it hard enough the leather will come out and leave ugly scratch and scuff marks on it. Just a simple tip is to wipe your couch down gently without using and harsh detergents or sprays.

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