Monday, 19 June 2017

3 Ways to Prevent Carpet Pile Flattening

Most of us have witnesses how sections of the carpet can become flattened over time. This happens usually to sections of the carpet where furniture is placed. The furniture doesn’t have to be heavy to cause flattening. It occurs naturally because of gravity. However, there are ways to prevent it and stop it from permanently damaging the carpet pile.

Having a shock absorbing under pad can absorb mechanical pressure cause by the weight of furniture. This type of under pad can also relieve mechanical pressure from foot traffic. This under pad keeps the carpet in place and prevents it from slipping. This ultimately prevents friction from regular use of the furniture.

Periodically rotating the furniture arrangement can prevent pile flattening. This method prevents strain from happening to only one part of the carpet. After the furniture is rearranged fluffen up the flattened pile and allow it to breathe. 

Carpet steam cleaning will revitalize the fiber. This carpet cleaning should be done annually to recondition the carpet pile. This also sets the carpet pile in its original direction and prevents permanent flattening. Carpet cleaning will recondition carpet pile and renew its tensile strength.

If your carpet isn’t cleaned annually the pile will acquire dirt residue. The pile fibers can stick together and flatten down. Professional carpet cleaning will noticeably revitalize the texture and colour of your carpet. Vivid Cleaning has professional cleaning services. We offer excellent carpet cleaning for Toronto and the GTA. 

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