Tuesday, 13 June 2017

How to Clean Rugs & Carpets Without Vacuum - 3 Quick Vacuum-less Rug Cleaning Methods

If you need to clean your rug and your vacuum breaks or you don't have one there are some alternative rug cleaning methods. This article uses methods with materials you will likely to have handy at home. They are also used for quick fixes and are not intended to replace regular rug cleaning.

The broom method should be done with a broom with straw bristles if possible. Make sure the broom bristles are clean. If they're not, rinse them under running water for about a minute. Wet the broom bristles and sweep over the rug carefully in the direction of the pile. This method is like sweeping the floor. Wetting the bristles helps reduce air born dust while cleaning.

The sticky lint brush method involves a sticky clothing brush. This method is better for removing foreign fibers and strands of hair from the rug. Crumbs and dirt aren't as easily removed from the rug so it's not recommended. However this method reduces air born dust while cleaning.

The squeegee rug cleaning method uses a window cleaning tool. Start at one section of the rug and squeegee in the direction of the pile. This method helps remove surface crumbs and hair. However it's abrasive and can cause pile damage if repeated too often.

These method quick and easy and come in handy when you have last minute cleaning to do and no vacuum. Your rug should still go out for annual cleaning every year. Vivid Cleaning offers premium rug cleaning for Toronto and the GTA. Get your rugs professionally clean today.

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