Tuesday, 13 June 2017

How to Properly Clean Your Purse

We carry our purses and bags with us on a daily basis. We all store our necessities such as phones, headphones, credit cards and much more. The frequent use with allow your purse or hand bag to accumulate all sorts of dirt. There is a simple way to clean it effectively.

You will need a sanitation wipes for this cleaning. First empty your purse contents on a tray or table. Make sure to go through every pocket carefully. Once its emptied turn your purse upside down over a trash bin. Shake it thoroughly to remove all crumbs and dirt from inside.

Next take the clean wipes and wipe the handles of your purse. You will be surprised at the amount of dirt that gets removed. Also wipe down the zipper handles and the bottom of the bag. You can go over entire exterior surface with the wipes. You may also quickly wipe the interior.

You may choose to condition the exterior leather material with leather cleaner to keep it from cracking. This keeps your purse from wearing out. While your purse is drying you can sort through the contents of your purse. Throw out garbage and expired items. You may want to wipe your phone, headphones and credit cards with the wipes to clean them.

Your purse is one item of cleaning that needs to be done periodically. Home cleaning needs to be done more frequently. Vivid Cleaning offers excellent cleaning services for Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA. We offer cleaning schedules that suit your needs. Make your life easier today by scheduling your next cleaning appointment with us.

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