Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Best Cleaning Hacks How to Effectively Clean Your Desktop

We use computers for countless hours every day for a myriad of purposes. Students use them for homework and studying. While older people use them for work and other important ventures. No matter what your age, your desktop should be properly cleaned to improve your performance.

We end up doing other activities other than work when using the desk area. This often includes eating, drinking and other hobbies. Food crumbs can end up all over the desk and in the keyboard. Other food spills are a nuisance because they can damage documents and other important papers. Dust is also a common nuisance we have to deal with on the desktop.

Food can bring unwanted bacteria and smells to the study area. Using clean wipes can help tidy the surface and get rid of greasy residues. Start by moving all your papers into one pile and removing dishes and cups. Wipe the desk area with the wipes and allow the surface to dry.

Also wipe the mouse, drawer handles and monitor to remove dirt and sanitize them. To clean your keyboard. Place paper towel on a surface and place you keyboard face down. Gently tap the back of the keyboard to remove dust and crumbs. You can also use cyber clean compound to lift and remove dust and crumbs in a similar manner. Wipe the keyboard with clean wipes afterwards.

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