Sunday, 3 December 2017

How to Deal With Dirty Paws and Dirt on Your Carpet

At some point, your pet will make dirty paws on your carpet. They can trek it in from outside or they can knock over a plant. Either way, the soil stain have to be managed so that it doesn't spread to the rest of the carpet. Here is what you should do for cleaning.

First, clean the pet paws so that they don't continue tracking dirt around. If plant soil has been spilled pick up the plant pot carefully. Wipe the pot clean and put it back into its original place. Next, use a vacuum to remove the loose soil from the carpet.

If there is a wet soil you will need a damp cloth. For a light mess, simply go over the soil stain with the damp cloth to remove the top layer of dirt, Do not soak the carpet. For more severe stains a light cleaning won't get the mess out of the carpet. You will need professional carpet cleaning.

Store bought equipment isn't the right choice. This equipment lacks quality features such as a powerful vacuum for water removal. The store carpet machines aren't powerful either. If you use this equipment you're likely to make the carpet mess a lot worse.

It's best to leave carpet cleaning to the experts. Vivid Cleaning provides carpet cleaning in Toronto, Vaughan, and the entire GTA. We provide professional carpet cleaning with top-grade equipment and eco-friendly carpet cleaning products. Make your life easier today!

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