Friday, 15 December 2017

Why NEW Carpet Could Use Professional Cleaning

After carpet gets installed many people don't know that it should be cleaned. New carpet travels a lot from factories to stores and finally to your home. In the process, it acquires all sorts of dirt and debris. There are a number of reasons new carpet should be professionally cleaned.

There are several allergens that could have been trapped within the carpet pile. Dust is common as well as spores from pollen and mould. If your carpet isn't cleaned properly you will be breathing this in.

New condos have recently installed carpets. It takes too much effort for the hundreds of carpets to be cleaned in a condo building so this step is often skipped. At most the carpets have been vacuumed but they still need professional carpet cleaning.

Dirt is the number one reason to get new carpets cleaned. Aside from dirt due to travelling carpets need to be stepped on the carpet during installation. This adds layers of dirt to the carpet pile.

Processing Chemicals
Often there are additional chemicals used to preserve the carpet material. Some of these are harmful but can be easily removed with professional carpet cleaning. Cleaning also helps remove the smell of new carpets.

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