Sunday, 3 December 2017

Moving Into A New Place? Get the Carpets Clean!

Moving is stressful but you can make a fresh start at your new place. It's highly important that you get the carpets cleaned at your new home. Even if it's a new home or building there is still dust and dirt you should be wary about. Here are good reasons you should get the carpets professionally cleaned.

Often carpets have allergens trapped inside their material. This can come in the form of pollen, mold, dust mites and more. A previous tenant could have owned a pet that shed fur, feather or dander into the carpet. In turn, this will cause your allergy symptoms.

Not all people are aware that the carpets in their home need to be steam cleaned once a year. This process essentially washes and dries the carpet. It's important to clean the carpets when you move in because you don't know the last time they've been properly cleaned.

Construction Debris
When construction of a new home or apartment building happens there is a lot of construction dust and debris going around. At most your, carpets have been vacuumed but they haven't been cleaned. The construction dust can cause breathing irritation.

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