Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Shag Carpet Cleaning Essential For A Healthy Home

Shag carpet is great to have. With its uniquely soft texture, your kids will love to play on it. Shag carpets need extra care for proper cleaning. Their thick pile can easily trap dirt, dust and other debris. Mould can also grow where food has been dropped. Here are simple shag carpet maintenance methods.

Deep Vacuuming
Weekly vacuuming is essential for removing dirt from a shag carpet. The key to getting out dirt is to move slowly over section by section to thoroughly remove dirt. A brush roll setting should be avoided since it will tangle the carpet pile and can rip it out.

It's difficult to manage liquid spills on shag carpet. The thick pile allows for liquid to be absorbed deep within the carpet material. This makes it impossible to clean it yourself. Call a professional carpet cleaner to give the stains a proper deep cleaning. The process removes water and allows the carpet to dry quickly.

Annual Cleaning
The only way to properly clean carpets is to schedule an annual cleaning. With professional carpet cleaning equipment, your carpet is cleaned with pressurized hot water and cleaning solution. This lifts and loosens dirt stuck to the carpet pile. In the next step, water is removed with powerful vacuums to speed up the drying process.

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