Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Commercial carpet cleaning – Condos and apartments

Nothing makes a building look more unprofessional than dirty carpets. Apartment buildings and condos in particular receive a lot of foot traffic and are exposed to different substances. If the carpets aren’t properly maintained they will end up looking horrible and reflect badly on potential tenants. There are simple ways to maintain carpets residential buildings.

Vacuuming carpeted areas in hallways, entrances and stairs should be done at least once a week. This keeps dirt and dust levels down and keeps the air quality up. Weekly vacuuming can prevent allergy symptoms and hinder carpet pests.

Carpet steam cleaning should be done once a year. Steam cleaning will remove stains from liquid spills such as coffee and water stains from wet weather. Stains and dirt are caused mostly by weather elements and inevitable happen to all carpets in residential buildings.

Gum stains are another common hindrance for residential carpets. These stains can come outside the building and end up sticking to carpets. Gum stains needs to be dealt with or they can end up damaging the carpet. Gum stains can be dealt with using spray freeze or a steam method.

Toronto carpet steam cleaning can handle all your condo and apartment carpet cleaning needs. The steam cleaning method is fast and effective. Toronto steam cleaning will get your residential building looking clean and professional with expert cleaning services.  Try Toronto steam cleaning today and experience the quality of professional carpet cleaning.

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