Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Passover cleaning and your carpet

With the holiday of Passover coming up it’s important to clean your carpets to remove any possible chametz. During the course of a year crumbs and other leavened foods can end up deep with your carpets. Thoroughly cleaning your carpets is an essential part of Passover cleaning.

Steam cleaning your carpets is the only way to give carpets a deep thorough clean. Steam cleaning is essentially pressurized hot water extraction. Steam cleaning starts with spraying your carpets with pressurized hot water and cleaning solution. This step lifts and removes dirt, crumbs and other debris from deep with your carpets.

The second part of carpet cleaning is extraction. This involves removing the dirty cleaning water with a powerful vacuum hose. This steam is important because it leaves minimal moisture in your carpets. As a result your carpets will dry fast and efficiently.

Toronto carpet cleaning can be scheduled to fit with your busy day. The cleaning process is usually done within an hour. Your steam cleaned carpets will be dry and ready for usual use in a few hours.

It is recommended that you have your carpets steam cleaned once a year to properly maintain them. Steam cleaning your carpets not only cleans but also protects carpet material from damages.

Toronto carpet cleaning can be applied to other items other than carpets. Many household items such as upholstered furniture, couches, rugs and mattresses can benefit from quality steam cleaning. Get Toronto steam cleaning today and experiences the power of steam cleaning.    

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