Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Craft rooms and carpet

At a day care or school setting kids often do artwork and work with a variety of art materials. Often carpets are involved and art materials sometime end up in the carpet. This makes it important to know how to treat different stains and materials when accidents happen.

Washable art materials are essential to use. These include most water soluble or water based art products such as paint and felt tip markers. These art supplies can be washed out of carpets and clothing material. Paint should be dabbed at the edge of the satin so that it doesn’t spread to other areas of the carpet.

Clay or play d’oh are dough material that are stick to carpet material at first. To remove them simple let the material dry. Crush the material before vacuuming it up and out of the carpet. Plasticine is oil based modeling clay and would require a freeze spray to remove from carpet material.

If craft glue ends up on the carpet try to get the stain while it is still fresh. Use a damp cloth to carefully remove the stain. If the glue stain is dry requires an alcohol based solvent to remove it. If the stain is smaller and not as noticeable you may consider leaving it as the solvent may weaken carpet fiber or cause discolouration.

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